The Story

Our elopement business story unfolds with two industry professionals, Gray and Sarah, whose paths crossed in the dynamic world of beauty. Working together in various projects, they discovered a shared passion not only for aesthetics but also for witnessing the intimate moments of love and commitment in the lives of others. Gray, a photographer with an eye for capturing raw emotions, and Sarah, a talented hair and makeup artist who also is an officiant, saw a unique opportunity. They recognized a need in the market for a service that combined their skills to offer something truly special – intimate, beautifully documented elopements.

Driven by the belief that every couple deserves a unique and intimate occasion that focuses on what's truly important – the couples love – Gray and Sarah embarked on this venture. They envisioned a business where they could use their artistic talents to create personalized, memorable experiences. Gray's photography would capture the essence of each couple's bond, while Sarah's expertise in beauty would ensure they looked and felt their best, with her role as an officiant adding a personal touch to their ceremonies. Together, they set out to redefine elopements, offering couples a bespoke, heartwarming celebration of their journey together.

An in studio professional image of the founders of GLAS Savannah, a full service wedding elopement business.
A shot of the wedding cake and champagne toast set up for an elopement wedding.
An exquisite bride gazing up and into the eyes of her groom in The Landings, Skidaway Island, Ga.
A bride walking to her groom in a gazebo on the marsh of the Landings, Skidaway Island, Ga.
The smiles and laughter of an officiant marrying a bride and groom on the marsh in the Landings, Skidaway Island, Ga.
The bride and grooms first champagne toast under the gazebo marsh side in the Landings, Skidaway Island, Ga.

This is our process:

A beautiful boho wedding setting with the bride and groom in the historic Chatham Square, Savannah, Ga.

I. Book the date.

To begin planning your perfect elopement day with us, kindly navigate to the "Contact" page, which you will find under the "More" section at the top of our website. Once the, please fill out the contact form, ensuring you select the "Elopement Package" option. We also encourage you to write us a brief message about your vision or any specific requests you have. We're excited to help make your dream elopement a reality!

II. Take photos.

It's time to tell your love story! Picture this...all snuggled up the evening your elopement day indulging in every moment of your day! Here comes the best part...THE PHOTOS! Where every photograph tells the story of your love! Perfectly curated magical moments of your elopement! Ready to see how we can encapsulate the essence of you special day in every frame? Just give us a shout!

III. Share your memories.

SURPRISE!!!! It's time to let people in on the secret! Sharing the images from your elopement day is not just about preserving memories; it's an expression of the joy and love you experienced during those intimate moments. Each photograph is a window into your story, allowing friends and family to partake in the magic and emotion of your special day, even if they were't there in person. The act of sharing becomes a powerful testament to your journey together, spreading the beauty of your union far and wide, and inviting you loved ones to celebrate to start of your new chapter!

Pricing & Packages

Enchanted Elegance

The "Enchanted Elegance" elopement package combines an officiant's personalized ceremony with an hour of professional photography, capturing the essence of your love story. Ideal for a simple yet elegant celebration!


Sophisticated Serentiy

The "Sophisticated Serenity" package offers a refined elopement experience with an officiant, one hour of photography, a beautiful bridal bouquet, a groom's boutonniere, and a celebratory champagne toast. A true elegant, sophisticated romance!


Timeless Romance

The "Timeless Romance" offers all encompassing, elopement, including bridal hair and makeup, private in-studio portrait session, professional officiant, three hours of photography, a bouquet & boutonniere, cake and celebratory champagne toast!

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